Conversations on the Future of Work, Industry Development, and Future Tech kick off in Port Au Prince with Launch of second annual Haiti Tech Week

June 1, 2019- [Silicon Valley, USA] In association with global tech week initiatives around the world, the Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) has announced plans to launch annual tech week programs in emerging market cities from 2018 – 2030. Annual tech week initiatives have quickly become a reputable process for centralizing stakeholders in an ecosystem and showcasing top programs, initiatives, and influencers that are driving tech development within a region. Following the success of major tech week initiatives such as London Tech Week or  Nairobi Tech Week- Haiti now joins the global trend.

“At GSE, we work with over 140 global partners to accelerate tech ecosystems via digital accelerators and summits and have the platform to encourage more events that bring the ecosystem together more frequently” said Christine  Ntim, founder of Haiti Tech Summit.  

On the week of the 17th June 2018, Haiti  like other tech hubs, will launch its official tech week series. Launched last year to train and develop the tech ecosystem of Haiti – this year the program has expanded in scope. 

The 2019 lineup features:

  • 1st Annual Human Resources & Future of Work Summit: Haiti’s First Major training sessions on resume building, job skills training, soft skills and development, and application hunting. Also includes a recruitment session for job seekers.
  • 1st Annual Industry Disruption Summit- Targets for corporate executives who are leading in Finance, Tourism, Education, Agriculture, Energy, Trade, Fashion. Culture Industries.
  • 2nd Annual Women’s Pioneers Summit: A summit to identify key female leaders and influencers who are driving business, tech and policy within  their respective industries or communities. The summit will be an evening workshop event showcasing top women tech groups around the world that local Haitian women can initiate in Haiti as well as a crash personal branding course to teach audience members how to build and scale their personal brands as pioneers. The workshop is one of the most popular sessions in Africa and will be featured for the first time in Haiti for tech week. 
  • 2nd Annual Smart City Summit: a comprehensive workshop series to prepare stakeholders for a Smart City Haiti. The evening workshop will go over smart city initiatives that occurred across the Middle East, Asia and Africa and provide exclusive materials on how to build a Smart City hub in Haiti within 3 years or less. This talk was featured at the New York Smart City Summit with policy leaders from over 40 countries and an audience of 3000 people. The workshop training is first come, first served. Limited seating available.
  • 2nd Annual Future Tech Summit:  This historic evening event will be Haiti’s first deep dive workshop on all of the exponential technologies in one place. This intense event will go over the following below. The workshop training is first come, first served. Limited seating available. 
    • An overview of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Drones, Nano technology, Virtual Reality Space, Internet of Things and Robotics. Why do these technologies exist and how can you train yourself to become an expert in 3- months for free.
    • An overview on how to build an exponential tech business within 6 months or less.
    • An overview on how to apply exponential technology to problems in Haiti and become a global case study for economic tech development.
  • Haiti Tech Summit 3rd annual event featuring 100 global speakers @ Royal Decameron. All passes available here:


Location to be announced to RSVPs for each event only. To submit your event to the tech week series, email the team directly at  It will go live within 3 hours.


About Haiti Tech Week An annual ecosystem gathering of multiple events and programs to highlight topics that can accelerate the country’s ecosystem as well as highlight the region’s top tech initiatives.

About Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE): is a central hub designed to educate, inspire and prepare tech  communities for the digital age. GSE summits are annual conferences held around the world to connect, inform, and inspire stakeholders within an ecosystem to leverage technology that ensures impact. Summits are a major focal point for bringing together government officials, business leaders, startup innovators, celebrities and key influencers in one place.

About Haiti Tech Summit: Haiti Tech Summit brings together thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, digital marketers and creatives under one roof together to address humanity’s greatest challenges via entrepreneurship. It is a part of a 13-year initiative of GSE, which aims to bring centralize top local and global influencers in Haiti on an annual basis to accelerate industry development and ecosystem scaling in Haiti.Tickets to attend the summit, which takes place June 21-23 at the Royal Decameron, are available at




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